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Reference is a connection between articles where one item assigns, or goes about as a methods by which to associate with or connection to, another article. The main article in this connection is said to allude to the subsequent item. It is known as a name for the subsequent item. The subsequent item, the one to which the primary article alludes, is known as the referent of the principal object. A name is normally an expression or articulation, or some other symbolic representation. Its referent might be anything – a material item, an individual, an occasion, an action, or a conceptual idea.

References can take on numerous structures, including: an idea, a tangible recognition that is discernible (likeness in sound), visual (content), olfactory, or material, emotional state, association with other,[1] spacetime facilitate, symbolic or alpha-numeric, a physical item or a vitality projection. Now and again, techniques are utilized that deliberately conceal the reference from certain spectators, as in cryptography